Hi Boomer Divas !!!!!

I’m back on my blog for some reason WordPress deleted my password or it was lost somewhere in tech space.

Let’s talk sunglasses

I’m also an Optician Stylist decorating many lovely faces with chic and trendy eyewear

Choosing the right size,shape and style can take years off our boomer look

Sunglasses provide us with good eye health care protecting us from uv rays and makes a fashion statement. Ladies this is an area that we can jump out of our comfort zone and express our inner Fashion Fun. Sharing a few of my favs

IMG_0908IMG_099911666192_940641599291584_5681370312572727868_nImage 410443666_872442236111521_6509259912273699559_nIMG_0757.PNG

Thanks Boomer Divas for following my blog

Love and Peace as We Style our Life Together

Maureen xoxo


11 thoughts on “SUMMER FUN

  1. Jennie says:

    Such a wide variety of cool and fun sunglasses! You look great in them all and have encouraged me to broaden my horizons a bit in this area. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with The Ageless Style link-up!


    • Decorate"Me"Agemazing says:

      Hi … Thanks !!!! I’m also an Optician Stylist along with Image consultant for Boomer Divas like Me…I have a great time picking the newest s coolest glasses. I’m 64 and tell my Divas never too old to Rock Fabulous sunglasses… Maureen


    • Decorate"Me"Agemazing says:

      Thanks Patti….I’m also an Optician Stylist for 20yrs and so Fashion happy that I have all these cute styles to try on everyday at work.


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