Medicare Diva

Hello Boomer Divas !!!!!

Well it’s official….I’m a MEDICARE DIVA. What ??? Where did the time go? Turning 65 wasn’t as hard as I thought. Enrolling in the whole Medicare process was a bit daunting,but I survived. Medicare part A…B and D…at times I felt like I was shopping for a bra and not applying for health insurance. Ha!!!!! I still don’t know why they started with B and skipped C…AnyWho, the important thing is I’m Celebrating being on the planet for 65 trips around the sun. I’m inspired by how full of Love my heart is with Family…Mr Diva and I celebrated 44 years…2 great sons and their wonderful wives and 7 grandkids and many friends. I’m blessed that I live, laugh and love everyday!!!!!

Many blessing to all my Boomer Divas too                                                                                               Happy Bday to Me

Maureen x0

Feeling a little 60’s BoHo vintage style on my Bday, it always makes me smile                                              Thank You !!!!!!  Dawgon Digital Photography By Barb

3   5.jpg47.jpg2.jpg


18 thoughts on “Medicare Diva

  1. Renée Herskowitz says:

    I love this site, your photos & especially your comments. You are amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎂🍦🎁🎈💗!!!


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