The Fierce 50 Campaign


Hello Boomer Divas !!!!

I’m thrilled to be part of this event celebrating “AgeMaZing” women over 50 that share inspiring blogs from here and around the world. I would like you to meet my Fierce 50 sister Pika Zrim from Slovenia All though I don’t speak her native language, I can see from her photos that we have a lot in common. Pika is a proud granny just like me and we both love life,family and all things fashion.

I can tell that Pika’s inner beauty defines her, as she lets it shine through her eyes, smile and attitude ! She says that fashion is “a source of inspiration and energy” that gives her confidence and rejuvenates her soul. That’s my kind of gal !!!!! I’m pretty sure if Pika lived next door to me, we would be wonderful friends. For now, we are “AgeMaZing” sisters connected through The Fierce 50 Campaign

I hope to get to know Pika and all of those wonderful Boomer Divas contributing to this event as we share our passion for life and fashion encouraging all women of all ages to do the same.

Love and Peace as we Style our Life Together                                                                                           Maureen xo

Thank You Ladies….Catherine,Shauna,Cathy and Deborah


#thefierce50 #over50 #fabover50 #loveleyladies #strongwomen #50plusblogger



2 thoughts on “The Fierce 50 Campaign

  1. Anna Parkes says:

    Congratulations Maureen to be chosen as one of the Fierce 50. I’m delighted to be a 50 something too and can’t wait to see how you will represent us all. It’s an exciting time to be a women of a certain age as things are changing; we’re no longer invisible, post-menopausal in beige and stuck at home playing house. Fierce and indeed fabulous ever single one!


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